rancid’s tim armstrong puts together a rocknroll theater

hmm, first green day and their broadway show “american idiot” now rancid’s front man has put together a “rocknroll theater.” backed by VEVO, this syndicated show will have guests such as davey havok, lars frederiksen, and that guy from CSI robert david hall. complete with its own music video pre-cursor titled “we did alright.” below watch this video as well as the actual show in a few youtube clips.

“we did alright”


2 thoughts on “rancid’s tim armstrong puts together a rocknroll theater

  1. This signifies all that is wrong with rock n roll and not to mention punk, as i believe these money grabbing whores have got the word “punk” confused with “greed”.These bastards change have taken a once honourable rebellion and turned it in to nothing more than a cash cow…..Mark my words they suckle until the tits bleeds……Tim Armstrong you swine,why must you degrade your misguided followers with this shit?Do you not think they have had a tough enough time already listening to you write album after album of safe uninspired pseudo rap rock?
    Shame on you and shame on Lars “punk till the day i die” who now actually believes he is some sort of football hooligan skinhead hero…….says i the king of all that is righteous in punk rock n roll……

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