FROM THE WIRE: jangula

“holy shit.” that was the first thought i had when i saw brooklyn’s jangula open for fujiya & miyagi a few weeks ago at the mercury lounge. at initial glance i thought for sure by their aesthetic that it was going to be a grimey southern rock revival sound, but alas i was wrong and the thing is…i was relieved. jangula’s front man johnny jewel plays the strangest looking instrument reminiscent of a stylophone called a Q chord. the energy these guys had and the comradery between them on stage was enough to make anyone feel overwhelmingly happy. their sound is unique which personally is hard to come by these days. it’s genuine and pure and tightly orchestrated. below stream their newest EP strange child as well as their video for the track “hanging gardens.”

on march 23rd they are having their EP release party at new york’s webster hall. go. you will not be sorry.

check out their facebook page HERE for updates. watch for these guys!

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