stream and download a valentine’s day mix from dee dee of the dum dum girls and brandon welchez of crocodiles

thanks to self-titled mag for making this happen. dee dee and her husband brandon welchez created a valentine’s mix complete with memories attached to each song. check out stoned in love below.

1. Gun Club, “Fire of Love”
Dee Dee: We covered this one for the winter Italian tour we did this year as a duo. It’s tough like love.

2. Slade, “Do We Still Do It”
Dee Dee: It reminds me of when we went through a heavy glam period together in our first studio apartment, aka Brandon was obsessively listening to Old New Borrowed and Blue.

3. Soft Boys, “Kingdom of Love”
Dee Dee and Brandon: Any song about the bizarre spiritual kingdom of love is alright by us.

4. Richard Hell, “I’m Your Man”
Brandon: Because in addition to being sexually attracted to Dee Dee, I’m also sexually attracted to Richard Hell. 😛

5. Stone Roses, “She Bangs the Drums”
Dee Dee: Brandon first showed me the Stone Roses way back when we were dating. Their first album didn’t leave our turntable the first month he was away on tour.

6. Spiritualized, “Ladies & Gentlemen We’re Floating In Space”
Dee Dee: This was our wedding song, even though we just eloped at the county registrar’s office.

7. Dirty Beaches, “True Blue”
Brandon: It’s a beautiful song, and it’s extra special because we released it on our label Zoo Music.

8. Serge Gainsbourg, “69 Annee Erotique”
Brandon: It’s fun for knocking boots.

9. The Cure, “Lovesong”
Dee Dee: Such a perfect ode to love. The words are simple but true, and I relate.

10. Primal Scream, “Love You”
Brandon: Because I went on tour once and I left it on a portable turntable in the kitchen, and when I returned, it wa unplayable ‘cuz Dee Dee had cooked next to it. It was covered in olive oily residue and had little burn marks on it.
Dee Dee: It’s also gorgeous. And I had no idea I ruined the record; he’s never mentioned this before.

11. Velvet Underground, “I Found a Reason”
Brandon: It’s the prettiest song of all time.

12. Leonard Cohen, “Bird on a Wire”
Brandon: It was the first thing we ever recorded together as a couple, way back in 2007.

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