colin stetson on a mini tour

if you’ve snoozed on our colin stetson posts, WAKE UP! because he’s on a mini tour. be sure to check him out if he plays your area. we hope to attend the glasslands show. below check out the dates, and links to some of his videos.

Tour Dates

3.23.12 – Motorco Music Hall – Durham, NC *
3.30.12 – The Grad Club – Kingston, ON #
3.31.12 – Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics – Waterloo, ON #@
4.01.12 – Big Orbit’s Soundlab – Buffalo, NY #
4.03.12 – Glasslands – Brooklyn, NY #!
4.04.12 – Hampshire College – Amherst, MA #
4.05.12 – The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Polytechnic Institute – Troy, NY #$
5.10.12 – Walker Art Center – Minneapolis, MN

* with Tyondai Braxton
# with Sarah Neufeld
@ with Debashis Sinha
! with Lone Wolf & Cub
$ with Tyshawn Sorey

those who didn’t run video and his amazing spot on la blogotheque.

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