nicolas jaar readies the release of music cube with clown & sunset aesthetics

in april, nicolas jaar’s record label is teaming up with clown & sunset aesthetics are releasing a compilation titled don’t break my love. it will not be pressed in any standard music form but in an aluminum cube or prism that fits in your hand which you can plug 2 headphone jacks into either side of this rechargeable cube. there are built-in buttons that allow your to start, skip, and pause.

below check out the promo video, tracklist, and a place to pre-order your copy (which i am hoping will be in stock again).

Brandon Wolcott & Emil Abramyan: “YouAndTheSpace Between”
Pavla & Noura: “Siblings Music”
Nikita Quasim: “GHOST”
Nicolas Jaar: “Why Didn’t You Save Me”
Pavla & Noura: “Don’t Owe Me A Thing”
Just Friends: “Avalanche”
Acid Pauli: “Palomitastep”
Nicolas Jaar & Will Epstein: “Never Have I Ever”
Vtgnike: “Untitled Juke”
Nicolas Jaar, Will Epstein, Dave Harrington, Ian Sims: “Ishmael”
Valentin Stip: “Hiathaikm”
Nicolas Jaar: “Don’t Break My Love”

Untitled from NICO JAAR on Vimeo.


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