check out life size maps during CMJ

if you are one of those music enthusiasts like myself that get completely overwhelmed by CMJ, I recommend going to see the local and obscure artists. They cost the least, and often are awesomely rad. That’s why you should go to one of the dates below and check out life size maps.

10/15 Oh My Rockness show at Pianos w/ Infinity Shred, Murals, Scott and Charlenes Wedding – 8pm
10/18 Goodnight Records Show at The Gutter w/ Weekend, KNTRLR, and more – 7pm
10/18 Aputumpu show at Muchmore’s w/ Caged Animals, Orca Team and more – 8pm
10/20 The Deli Noise rock show w/ EULA, The Everymen, and more – 2pm
10/20 Secret DIY rooftop show – details tba

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