stream tyler, the creator’s new album wolf


dudes, it’s really fucking dope. thanks to play this hip hop, you can stream it HERE.

wolf is out april 2nd via sony.

stream and download a new junip track “your life, your call”


on april 24th, junip will release a new album junip via mute records. below check out their first single “your life, your call.”

LISTEN: hypocrite in a hippy crypt, tweaker two


2 years ago (wow it’s been that long?) i got an email from a college kid explaining his basement lo-fi one man band. i was already into just by his name alone. (check out that post HERE). tweaker two is an awesome follow-up to tweaker in the park. it’s slightly more large feeling but still has that “sitting on the curb smoking a bowl and breaking bottles in an abandoned parking lot” feel.

i appreciate its basic rawness and there isn’t a tune on the album that i haven’t liked. hyporcite in a hippy crypt puts a new spin on lo-fi angsty music as we know it.

stream tweaker two HERE.

listen to “freak me out” cuz that jam is my fucking favorite.

out now via tree machine records

stream warm soda’s album someone for you


super siked about warm soda, they make want to skateboard and drink slurpees and smoke pot for the rest of my life. stream someone for you via paste magazine HERE.

out now via castle face.

WATCH: life size maps – abstract speed

Picture 4

still, STILL one of my most favorite brooklyn acts right now. below check out their video for the woozy track “abstract speed.”

also if you’re bored with spending your friday nights on the couch, you can catch life size maps with javelin and guardian angel tomorrow night at shea stadium in brooklyn. 9pm $12 tickets here.

stream local natives new album hummingbird


thanks to apple, you can stream the deluxe version of hummingbird HERE.

it’s absolutely amazing.

stream pantha du prince & the bell laboratory’s album elements of light


thanks to npr you can stream it HERE.

this album is a game changer.